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At the beginning of 2000, Cambodia adopted an Open 'Air' policy. Since then there has been a number of press releases promoting direct flights to Siem Reap International Airport from Singapore, Vietnam and several other countries, as well as the regular flights by Bangkok Airways from Bangkok, Sukhothai and Phuket. Royal Air Cambodge, the national carrier of Cambodia, flies to Phnom Penh from all the international destinations listed below. In addition, there are direct non-stop flights to Phnom Penh from: Bangkok (Thai Airways International); Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam Airlines); Guangzhou (Canton); Hong Kong (Dragonair); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines); Singapore (Silk Air); and Vientiane (Lao Aviation ). There are now direct international flights on Bangkork Airways from Bangkok to Siem Reap three times daily; a very easy and convenient journey making Angkor a convenient weekend destination from Bangkok. Connecting flights are available to most parts of the world from these destinations. To travel with Bangkok Airways Ltd., contact Offices in Phom Penh for the other airlines mentioned above are located at: Royal air Cambodge (206A Norodom Boulevard, Tel: 428 830); Dragonair (19 106 Street, Tel: 427 665); Kampuchea Airlines (same address as Draonair, Tel: 427868); Lao Aviation (58 Sihanouk Boulevard, Tel: 216 563); Malaysia Airlines (172-174 Monivong Boulevard Tel: 426 688);  Silk Air (ground floor, Pailin Hotel, Monivong Boulevard, Tel: 364 747); Thai Airways International (19 106 Street, Tel: 722 335);  Vietnam Airlines (35 Sihanouk Boulevard, tel: 427 426); Phnom Penh Airways (209 Street 19, Phnom Penh, tel: 217 419 or Sivatha Bvd, Siem Reap, tel: 825 754); President Airlines (50 Norodom Bvd, tel: 427 402 or Opp. Provincial Hospital, Siem Reap, tel: 063 964338).

Pochentong Airport is the arrival and departure point in Phnom Penh for all international and domestic flights. It is located seven kilometers from the centre of the city. The official taxi service from the airport to central Phnom Penh costs about US$10. There is a US$25 exit tax for all travelers leaving from Pochentong Airport and US$25 from Siem Reap Airport, regardless of nationality or age.


All foreign nationals entering Cambodia are required to have a visa. It can be issued by any royal Cambodian embassy or consulate, but the easiest places to get one are the Immigration Counter at Pochentong Airport upon arrival in Phnom Penh, or the Immigration Counter at the Siem Reap Airport. Embassies are located in Canberra, Bangkok, Beijing, Prague, Havana, Bonn, Budapest, New Delhi, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Jakarta, Vientiane, Paris, Moscow, Washington DC, Sofia, Hanoi with a consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.

To apply for a visa you must have a passport valid for three months from the date of entry into Cambodia. If you are entering Cambodia by land a visa can be issued at the checkpoint at Moc Bai, near the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Visa are also issued at the land crossings-Aranyaprabhet-poipet and Hat Lek-Koh Kong. Regardless of where your visa is issued it allows a single journey and is valid for 30 days. You can apply for an extension at the Immigration office at number 5 200 Street, tel: 424 794. Extension fees for a tourist visa cost US$20 per month, a business visa costs $25 per month and can be more easily extended at the point of entry. Overstaying carries a fine of US$3 per day.

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Source: Angkor An Introduction to the Temples, Dawn Rooney; Twin Age Limited, Hong Kong, 2004

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