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Battambang is the largest rice grange in Cambodia, it is located west of Tonle Sap Lake and the Northeast side of the country. It is the second city with best preserve of French period constructions. Markets, Museum, pagodas and houses of Battambang are the ancient one. Province is controlled by Thai until 1907 after the French took back this province from Thailand. Many of pagodas were built during the Thai's time. How to access? You can go to Battambang by boat from Siem Reap by passing through Prek Toal, the bird sanctuary, and drive along the river Sangker to the Battambang town. By land, tourists can take Buses from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, it take 5 to 6 hours. Tourist can all so access from Thai - Cambodia border 'Poipet'. Occasionally, visitors can fly from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to Battambang. We recommend to take boat, and you will see what you have never met before.

Where to stay?

In town, you can choose many hotels to stay, such as Khemara Battambang Hotel, Stueng Sangke Hotel, Teo Hotel is the old one, good service and clean. Victoria is a new and located at the other side of the river. Royal hotel is close to Spa Nat (meeting market), is affordable price and clean. You can all look for room with fan and air-con. (Contact number: 016912034). Park hotel is new one, not far from town, good atmosphere and clean (Phone: 953773)


You can eat at "white rose" restaurant, foods are good and popular in town. Teo hotel restaurant is one with good food, clean and best service for all clients who stay there and from outside. Pkay Preuk restaurant is good for local, music life band are performed every evening for Khmer people. Foods are good.

Places to visit

Tour to Battambang is to visit old colonial buildings, pagodas, temples Banon, Ek Phnom, Sneng, Baset. And also visitors can see rice field and its traditional technique of rice farming, fruit plantations...

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